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Matt  Founder

Like most people, I’d followed the path we’re supposed to in life… Working hard at school, getting good grades, on to university then finding a good job and starting the corporate ladder climb. 


After knuckling down, working hard and proving myself working at the same organisation for many years, I reached a position in middle management that I’d aimed for at the beginning of my career and with it the lifestyle that I wanted. But along with this came long hours, stress and eventually burnout.


I felt frustrated and started to question how much of this connected with my personal goals and dreams. What did I really want next?


Ever had that feeling like you 
are at a crossroads, not sure of 
the direction to take?

 I was there, in need of a guiding hand of support. 

Whilst out on a walk in the local hills, I had an insight, to reach out to a personal coach to help me set out a plan and to truly align with my core. I invested in a coaching programme, which helped me focus on my own beliefs and values, and took me on a journey to realign my career and connect to what’s most authentic to me. 



Coaching provided me with the opportunity to step back, organise my thoughts and proceed with a new plan. 

Coaching is a unique experience - It gives us the time,which we often don’t give ourselves, to think, to plan, to commit and to act.


Whilst coaching provides you with the opportunity to look forward, you also reflect on where you have come from. Had I been the best of managers previously? Probably not. However, coaching enabled me to connect to my values and have a better understanding of what’s most important to me and how best to support others.


This coaching journey led me to wanting to support people beyond my corporate role. To help individuals achieve their dreams and to hold space to enable them to think about what they do next. I help them create a plan, a guiding map to success and provide the support and accountability to make it happen.


And we sometimes do this outside - using nature as a calming influence, the environment helps us realise what is most important in life and what is core to our values.


If this resonates with you, or you would like to know more about Mindful Hikes, check out our services and get in touch to set up an initial call.

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